Grade 12 University Level English as a Requirement for Entry into all University Programs

There are numerous courses in which a high school student can choose to fill their timetable with. However, some of the courses found on a timetable are compulsory; students must take them whether they like it or not. Grade 12 English is one of those compulsory courses. High school students must obtain this credit in order to enter any university program. I agree with this requirement. I believe proficiency in the English language is necessary to achieve maximum success in all areas of life, especially university.


Possible courses that a high school student may choose to fill their timetable with. Image retrieved from

In any university program, students are expected to efficiently take notes, analyze texts and write essays. The professor is most likely not going to teach students how to do that; these are skills that should already be attained before entering university. The Grade 12 University level English course is the necessary prerequisite which teaches students how to do these things. This way, students will be prepared to excel in any university program. For example, as I obtain my grade 12 English credit, I hope to improve my reading comprehension skills. Even though I do not plan on studying English in University, the skills I will have acquired from this English course will still be very beneficial. I plan on studying Science at Western university; I will be given many scientific articles and reports to read in this program. However, I will feel confident in understanding various texts as this vital high school course has taught me how to process information. English concepts are constantly being used in each and every program, not just English and Literature programs. Therefore, in order to achieve maximum success in any university program, students must be able to demonstrate skills that were taught in a grade 12 English course.


Required prerequisites for Science program at Western University. Image retrieved from

Quite often, work experience is a vital component of a university program’s curriculum. For example, my older brother is studying Kinesiology at Western and is completing an enriching co-op placement at a physiology center. In order to obtain such placement, he had to be able to write a letter and a resumé. Concepts, such as grammar and form, taught from the Grade 12 English Ontario curriculum were put to great use in his situation. After writing a successful letter and resumé, my brother was then asked to complete an in-person interview. One may wonder how English can be beneficial in social settings such as an interview. This is where many of the oral skills taught in a grade 12 University level English class come into play. My brother was able to speak with confidence as he was familiar with techniques such as enunciation, pace and fluency. He can thank his grade 12 English teacher for successfully teaching him the English concepts needed to excel out in the real world.

Without this crucial course, students would struggle to succeed in university. To avoid this unnecessary struggle, students can put in some extra work and obtain their grade 12 University English credit. This would allow students to familiarize themselves with English concepts needed to excel in any University program; this is why I support the attainment of grade 12 University level English upon university entry.

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