Hello! My name is Salima. I attend London Central SS and will be starting grade 12 in the fall. There are so many courses that I want to take, that I just don’t have enough space in my schedule. I am taking grade 12 English online so that I can take Art next year. I took grade 11 English online last summer. I did really well in that class and didn’t find it too bad, so I thought that grade 12 English online would be a similar experience.

Grade 12 English is a lot different than grade 11 English. I spent most of my first day just trying to figure out how to use this blog. I am still getting used to it. There is a lot more details to think about when creating a blog post in comparison to a regular word doc assignment. Hopefully this blog thing will start to grow on me. As for now, I am just a confused high school student trying to figure out how to use wordpress.com in order to gain her required English credit.